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single Sided Glass Fabric Thermally Conductive Tape

Basic Information

Material::Glass Cloth
Adhesive: :Silicone
Adhesive Side::Single Sided
Dhesive Type:: Pressure Sensitive

Plasma spray and flame spray thermal tapes are all created to withstand high temperature and the most demanding plasma spray, flame spray, and grit blasting applications. These thermal spray tapes are known to resist fray and will release easily without leaving adhesive residue.

Thermal spray tapes are an excellent choice for combining conformability with thermal and abrasion resistance while protecting adjacent surfaces from spray.

Thermal Silicone Tape ZH-BGF25 is based on the high density electronic grade glass fiber cloth, single-sided coated with high temperature resistance pressure sensitive adhesive.

High resistance to cut through and abrasion Silicone adhesive system for superior adhesion to metal and "face to back" Clean release from metal surfaces

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